Friday, September 25, 2015

Time Lapsed Rewards With Construct 2

I have played countless Games where you start a upgrade and it takes "TIME" for this to happen.
OR... you can pay hard earned money or game coins to "speed up" this process.

Well, welcome to the program C2!  

In this post im going to show you the 2 basic steps to do that and even provide a working .CAPX

*First im going to presume you are familiar with Construct 2, if you are not click this link and watch my info video.

*Second, you should be familiar with IN APP PURCHASES in Construct 2 and if your not, there are tons of tutorials on that and the object is found here.

*Third,  If you are ready to learn the method for getting elapsed time you need to download and install the "elapsed time plugin from Rainbow REX"     also,  it is easy to get and install ALL of his plugins by using his "root installer"

OK... now your ready.

The best thing to do is to download this example and play around with it.

Its really simple to understand.


and here is a pic just for good measure. :)

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pixel Prank

We have all seen the screen crack apps in the app store...

most of them are mediocre at best.  Only a child would be fooled by that.
well I have one for you that is sure to get a second glance and a look of shock on the victims face!

Screen pixel prank starts off as a very convincing "Inside Reveler" type app,
as yo play with your new toy... running your finger up and down the app you see the circuit board being reveled under the screen.

but don't "hold" it in one spot... this is how the pixel prank is activated.

pass the the phone to your friend and let them play for a while... the app is designed to invoke curiosity...   they cant help but to hold there finger in one spot to see more of the phones guts revealed on the inside.... and then...  BAM you got um!!

The phone displays a seriously realistic crack right where the finger is!!
This is where my app is different from the rest..   not only will it show the most realistic crack you have ever seen..   it also destroys the image on the screen in the classic pix-elated screen we all to sadly know.

well... dont take my word for it,  try this demo for yourself and see what you think.

                                                {Screen Prank APP DEMO}

and here are a few pics,

touching the screen gives the reveling effects

ON HOLD the screen cracks and pix-elates!

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Random Terrain Generator

Building scenery for platform games is time consuming to say the least...   finding art, laying out the levels and lining things up..  creating collisions and interactive objectives are just a few of the problems we face as game developers.

I want to show you an easier way,

Now granted this is a pretty simple layout, you can add as few or as much detail to this formula as you wish...

The possibilities are endless!

After I got done with this my mind started racing on other game ideas that I could do with the sine sprite generators I used in this build.

I have already used this design in a similar build that flopped big time...   but its not the fault of the formula for creating random scenery, it was just a crappy idea for a game I guess.

you can play the game here if you would like to see the failed "Cave Runner" for android
OR... play it on a desktop computer here: "Cave Runner"

Here is a video of the sine sprite generator used in the cave runner game... done in a vertical style cave layout.

Game design is hard, out of around 16 apps at the time of this blog post only "two"  of my apps I consider to be successful.  2 out of 16 is OK odds I guess, as I started this as a hobby at my kitchen table to keep me out of trouble.  

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