Thursday, July 23, 2015

Two Things that will stand an economic collapse

One thing is certain to anyone with a beating pulse... Things are getting BAD.

These days everyone is looking for a way to make extra money, or maybe even a fall back plan in case there job decides to make some cuts.

I had some doubts about writing this post but in the end... I decided that as long as I deliver my message in a manner that is not misleading in any way, someone will take this and run with it and not trip over the idea of getting rich.

I want to stimulate your brain for a moment, What is one thing that people will pay even when they are down and out?

There phone bill.

That's right,  no one wants there phone cut off. It's there link to the outside world.
Now studies have shown that more and more people are spending time on there mobile devices, more then ever before.

 Advertisers know this says MobyAffiliates   "A new report from BI Intelligence reveals that traditional advertisements are already being trumped by digital campaigns and mobile is poised to become the fastest growing digital channel. The US Digital Media Ad Spend Report predicts that over the coming five years marketers are to drive up mobile ad spend for search, display and video formats. Mobile is to be the fastest growing ad channel with revenues rising 26.5% CAGR by 2020"....... READ MORE OF THIS ARTICLE

OK, So NO I can't put you in the mobile phone business.. but we can get in on the advertising rush.
This is where the other thing that will survive any economic collapse comes in.

Even if we all lose our jobs and the cable is turned off we still have our smart phones right?
Right, and what do we do with our phones when we are not texting mom or on Facebook?


There's no doubt about it, the mobile app industry is booming!
People are downloading and playing apps at an astonishing rate.. in 2012 the google play store announced that it was receiving 1.5 billion app downloads per month!! 
That number has climbed everyday and .... well if you want to read the statistic for yourself here they are GOOGLE PLAY STORE STATISTICS

What I want to do is get you in the mobile app industry as quick as possible.
NO I am NOT offering you a get rich quick program.  NO I will not guarantee success.
That will depend on how much you put into this, "just like anything else"

But I will say this.. With time and a good game, you can develop a good source of extra income.
Or at the very least have bragging rights that you made your own app.

I have developed the absolute simplest App Crash Course available.
It's a complete game build in SIX HOURS!!

When you finish my course you will have a basic understanding of the Construct 2 Software and a full complete game in the google play store.

So where does the income come in?

Well ADs of course.
Google has a mobile AD platform called "ADMOB"
ADMOB integrates seamlessly into apps made with construct 2 and starts reporting immediately.

Don't worry...    I have the Integration instructions on my website for free, and plan to release a video demo of this real soon.

But for now...  lets get started with you making your very first ANDROID APP with the full App Crash Course at a 84% DISCOUNT!
  APP CRASH COURSE FROM, James Weatherford...

 for only 15.00!  

See you in class!!

James Weatherford, ACC

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